CHIMPY Token ($CHIMPY) was created due to the lack of enough low-quality s**tcoin meme tokens on the Cardano Blockchain. CHIMPY noticed that recently his dog friend has all of a sudden become famous with his s**tty tricks. CHIMPY decided right then and there that it’s time to bring himself to the forefront. Because why? Because MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO. He put out an empty banana basket and started collecting ADA from YOLO Apes for his monkey business.

CHIMPY brings absolutely nothing else but low-quality memes, zero financial value, no promises of humongous gains, no mind-ape-ing technology, just… uh… monkey memes.

Technical Apery

This is the section where you’d typically find amazing technological promises, only to have them broken later. CHIMPY is not gonna break them later. CHIMPY is breaking them right now before even making any, coz they ain’t any! No timelines, no roadmaps, no s**t!

So What the Monkey?

Memes! Duuuh! If you get nothing else out of this banana leaflet (with which CHIMPY likes to slap the annoying flies landing on his rich a$$) please note this: We are not here to make you ape in this token, CHIMPY’s goal is to make #baboonillionaires (in $CHIMPY). The sky is not the limit for CHIMPY! Not even the Moon, not even Pluto, but outer space (=vacuum)!


Total supply: 30,000,000,000,000

What follows is some juicy banana pie chart (no banana leaflet is complete without it) that shows the token distribution. CHIMPY knows a thing or two about how to create tokenomics that YOLO apes looove.

Banana Pie Chart

CHIMPY creators take a 10% cut mostly to show their vested interest in the utter failure of this POS* project. (*piece of s**t).

10% is for all the activities that will ensure the CHIMPY token price doesn’t deviate from 0.

80% is for the YOLO apes to look at the CHIMPY tokens they receive and go “Holy shit! I’m a multimillionaire worth zero!”

So go ahead now and fill CHIMPY’s basket so later you have something to regret having done. 

Policy ID: ff791cdf3857627970df7f7930bfb7c8eee3ce45df43860d68b9ef60

You can fill the basket here: