Welcome to the Chimpy Low Effort CNFT

Before making the payment:

1. Make sure you are using a Shelley Era wallet that supports native assets.

2. Make sure you do NOT send funds from an exchange, your funds will be lost, and you will not receive any CHIMPY CNFT.


In order to receive a randomly pulled CHIMPY CNFT please send EXACTLY 69 ADA (sixty-nine) to the provided address above.

When you do, we will then return 1.50 ADA along with your CNFT.

You will receive the CNFT anywhere between 1 minute and several hours depending on a multitude of factors.

The most exclusive low effort, little output NFT that the Cardano ecosystem has ever seen. Only 100! First come, first served.


Policy ID: 0c03f918ee38ae398db92717ac2ffef8e3b301cea4205d66d260939f