The Jungle Cup Award™


The Jungle Cup Award is an FT, a fungible token. There are 69,420 of them in total.

Awarded so far: 262
(last update: some time ago)

As $CHIMPY roams around swinging from wallet to wallet, he comes upon some marvelous, colorful jungles that mesmerize him so much that he feels the need to award the owner of the colorful wallet.


Q: Where is the Buy Button?
A: There is no such thing. It cannot be bought from the source.

Q: I also deserve one. Where can I send you my wallet link?
A: $CHIMPY is very busy enjoying life in his hammock and can not be told what to do.

Q: Do I have to buy $CHIMPY token or $CHIMPY CNFT to receive the award?
A: Not necessarily. That probably just increases the chances of $CHIMPY visiting your wallet but there’s not guarantee whatsoever.

Q: How can I make sure I get one?
A: You can’t. $CHIMPY is unpredictable and does this on a whim.

Q: What can I do with this award?
A: Pretty much what you can do with any diploma. The only difference is that you can not brush your a$ with it.

Policy ID: 867876c57c25425629cd0ea98c2c3424753867b2d64da5132447e1c8